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  Abacuss private counter
Abacuss Private Counter edition offers all features of the Free Abacuss Counter, plus password-protected statistics reports, no banner ads in reports, and invisible tracking. Only the owner of the counter has access to the statistics. The fee for this service is 49.95 Euro per year.

Two Steps to get your Private Counter:

Step 1 Note: If you already have registered for a Free Abacuss Counter

  • Get your Free counter
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • You will receive email with confirmation for registration of your counter.
  • To activate your counter you have to click on the link in the received email.
  • Take the HTML code of your counter and put it in your web site(s).
Your counter will start immediately to collect the data after you put the HTML code in your site.

Step 2 Note: You have to have running Abacuss Counter to proceed with step 2!

  • Go to MEMBER AREA (login).
  • Login in your account.
  • Click on Order Privat Counter
  • Within 24 hrs. after we receive the payment we will activate your Private Counter.

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